Microsoft releases giant meeting room monitor Surface Hub 2

- May 21, 2018-

On the 15th, Microsoft officially released the Surface Hub 2 tablet PC. The device is equipped with a 50.5-inch 4K+ resolution display and uses a 3:2 screen ratio. Microsoft wants to redefine and change boring conference scenes.

To keep the borders seamlessly connected, the Surface Hub 2 has a better screen and body ratio, and Microsoft added the same muscle line technology to the Surface Hub 2 to seamlessly change direction from portrait to landscape, and vice versa. . Microsoft also added a 4K camera that rotates with the device, an integrated speaker and a far field microphone array.

Surface Hub 2 offers better software, built on Windows 10, and will use Windows Hello to make it easy for users to log in and get started. In addition, Microsoft has also optimized productivity applications such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, and Office 365.

Microsoft will also allow users to connect multiple monitors and use them all as one screen. This will also allow users to share and work with different applications side by side.

With the new Windows Hello, Microsoft will allow the creation of multiple user accounts and can use biometrics to access their accounts and start where they left off.

Microsoft announced that Surface Hub 2 will be available for sale in 2019.

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