Microsoft patents dual-screen mobile computing devices Focus on video calls

- Jul 30, 2018-

lcd display.jpg

According to reports, Microsoft is developing a collapsible mobile device code-named Andromeda, which has applied for multiple patents to ensure the safety of rumored devices. A new patent released earlier this month suggests that Microsoft may be developing a multi-screen mobile computing device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) that focuses on video calls.


According to patent application data, the patented mobile computing device has a processor, an accelerometer and two displays. Interestingly, both displays are equipped with a camera that will cause the first and second display devices to display image data captured by the second camera, respectively, or image data received from the remote computing device, either simultaneously or simultaneously. The user interacts with the multi-screen mobile device at various locations, including holding the device vertically, holding the home screen toward the user, holding the screen, facing the second screen to the user, and other positions and orientations.