Microsoft is going to develop dual-screen Surface PC and mobile phone silly and unclear

- Jul 03, 2018-

Playing games and watching movies now become an indispensable entertainment project for us. Recently, there is news that Microsoft has been developing a folding tablet product, perhaps a pocket-sized Surface product. According to the current information, the product code is Andromeda. Recently, according to The Verge's breaking news, it is likely to be a Surface device that fits easily into a pocket.

However, the product codenamed Andromeda is not necessarily a mobile phone, it may be a polymorphic polymer. It is reported that the Andromeda project started development two years ago. Microsoft's idea is to make it a folding screen device. When combined, it is a compact device that is similar to a mobile phone. When turned on, it becomes a tablet. computer.

Six years ago, Microsoft introduced the first generation of Surface products Surface RT and Surface Pro, aiming to create a new category to integrate tablets and laptops. Surface Pro has successfully subverted laptops and tablets, and now everyone, including Apple, is emulating the Surface, which is intended to fuse phones and PCs.

What kind of surprises can Microsoft bring to us in the end? In the end, can we trigger a boom, please wait and see! I believe that the future of technology will always change our lives!