Microsoft demonstrates multi-screen display technology or will be used for VR head display

- Jun 10, 2019-

Multi-screen display has always been a hot topic in the VR industry. In this regard, many companies have also made corresponding attempts. Recently, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft released a demo video about multi-screen display technology, or will bring a different experience to VR headset.


It is reported that with this technology, VR head display can achieve large screen virtual display or multi-screen virtual display. For example, in the work, if the user needs multiple screen statistics reference, after bringing the VR head display, multiple screens will appear in front of the screen, which means that the user can quickly count the data without switching the window back and forth.


In addition, Microsoft's multi-display technology uses glued doublets, which have higher resolution and better optical aberrations than traditional VR displays.

Microsoft said that when the user takes the lead, the virtual screen will appear around the user, which will help users to enhance traditional productivity tasks in a mixed reality environment.


In fact, as early as November last year, there were media reports that Microsoft was developing multi-screen display technology, but did not disclose specific details at the time, and Microsoft did not respond at the time. Looking at it now, in the past six months, Microsoft has definitely made a lot of attempts to officially launch multi-display technology.


Finally, there are also news that multi-screen display technology will also be used to help low vision users. However, how to implement it specifically, Microsoft has not disclosed it yet. In short, for users, multi-screen display technology is still very practical, after all, it can speed up work efficiency faster, and hope that this technology can be applied to more products faster.