Merck Introduces OLED Inkjet Printing Technology for Foldable Smartphones

- Apr 26, 2019-

It is reported that Merck Taiwan Managing Director Dick Hsieh said that Merck has been committed to promoting the development of its OLED inkjet printing technology, aiming to further promote the future development of foldable smartphones.


Hsieh claims that Merck has been developing OLED materials for many years and is currently the only supplier to offer a full range of OLED materials for evaporative printing processes and inkjet printing processes.


Technically, the evaporation process is more expensive and the temperatures required to carry out the process are also higher. In contrast, inkjet printing technology can reduce material waste while also reducing the cost of the substrate.


Hsieh revealed that Merck's inkjet printing materials for OLED displays are in place and are currently being tested by customers; inkjet printing technology is more suitable for large and medium-sized applications such as tablets, monitors and TVs. For small size and high PPI products such as smart watches and mobile phones, there are more challenges.


While pointing out that the product life cycle of inkjet printed OLED materials can still be extended by 20-30%, Hsieh believes that OLED products will explode as inkjet printing processes are ready for mass production.