Meizu 16 AMOLED screen hurts eyes? Huang Zhang strength science

- Jul 20, 2018-

According to the news, Meizu may hold the Meizu 16 series conference in the Bird's Nest on August 8th. The founder of Meizu Technology, Huang Zhang, has successively revealed many details of the aircraft.

Recently, some netizens put forward in the Meizu community, "even if 16 is doing well, it can't solve the problem of A screen injury."

In response, Huang Zhang responded, “The damage to the eyes of the display is mainly due to the blue light emitted by the LEDs, including the LEDs and OLED displays used in the LCD backlights and the LED lights used in the home, which inevitably emit blue light that hurts the eyes.”

He also taught everyone how to protect your eyes: 1. Try to avoid watching the blue screen or light for a long time. 2, try to avoid short distances. 3, try to avoid harming the blue light of the eyes or reducing blue light.

Children and students should try to avoid reading for a long time under LED lights. As for the advantages of LED light saving and small life, etc., whether the LCD or OLED screen light source is from LED, blue light is the same, but OLED screen There is an eye protection mode in the phone settings, which is used to reduce the degree of blue light. Please turn it on to protect your eyes. Although Blu-ray reduces the screen color, it will be yellowish.

Huang Zhang said that whether the LCD or OLED screen source is from LED, blue light is the same. However, the eye protection mode option is provided in the mobile phone, which can reduce the damage of the blue light to the glasses, and everyone can turn it on.

According to previous disclosure, Meizu 16 series uses 18:9 AMOLED display, equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor, equipped with 8GB memory +128GB storage, standard screen fingerprint recognition.