Liu Zuohu: One plus TV is expected to take the lead in the Indian market in 2020

- Dec 17, 2018-

In September of this year, CEO Liu Zuohu expressed the idea that Oneplus cut into smart home and chose to start with smart TV.


Regarding "One Plus TV", the official revealed the latest developments.


In the exchange with the Indian media, Liu Zuohu said that India will be one of the first wholesale markets for TV and one of the exclusive channels of Amazon. This time is about 2020.


However, Liu Zuohu stressed that there is no "deadline" for the first TV, which means that one plus will sink to the heart to carefully polish their "smart TV killer." Finally, when it comes to price, Tiger is confident and will have the same impact as a mobile phone.


It is worth mentioning that the TV product name collection campaign for community fans has ended. The first place will receive a TV plus a package of wine, and the top 10 will also have a headset prize. The winner list will be announced on the 17th. It seems that This TV will be named next week.


According to the fragmentary clues left by Liu Zuohu, the first TV may use 4K LED, self-developed image processing algorithm, pre-installed with a new large-screen operating system.