Liu Zuohu explains why there is no need to dig a hole screen: it is similar to Huang Zhang

- May 23, 2019-

From 2018 onwards, the full-screen form has been released, and in order to achieve a more comprehensive full-screen visual effect, full-screen solutions such as lifting, sliding, and digging have been released.


Since the end of last year, digging screen mobile phones have appeared one after another, such as Samsung Galaxy A8s, Huawei nova 4, glory V20, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, etc.


On the afternoon of May 16th, one plus in Beijing released one plus 7 and one plus 7 Pro, one of which 7 Pro adopted a lifting scheme. For why the hole screen is not used, the founder and CEO Liu Zuohu explained in an interview that the hole in the hole screen is too big. If the hole can be made smaller, the plan will be considered.

Huang Zhang, the founder of Meizu Technology and chairman and CEO of Meizu Group, has similar views. Huang Zhang talked about the digging screen solution in the Meizu community. Huang Zhang said that the front camera digs the hole and the black side will be very prominent, and the chin can not be done, the real machine and the online PS-modified look photos or pictures have a big gap.


Regarding the under-screen camera, Huang Zhang said that the transparency of the current screen technology and the 90% of the requirements of the camera are far apart, which will seriously affect the image quality, and it is impossible to predict the time point of technical breakthrough.