LG smart stylus patent application Flexible screen can replace mobile phone

- Jul 07, 2018-

It is not difficult to understand that a mobile phone can be made into a watch shape and can be folded into a book shape. But the phone is made into a pen, can you accept it? Recently, foreign media reported that LG is applying for a patent for a smart stylus, and this smart pen is a smart phone.

 LCD display.jpg

As you can see from the design, the smart pen has a small screen that can display notification information, and a flexible, large screen that can be used to navigate the web. The stylus integrates sensors such as gyroscopes, electronic compasses, eye tracking sensors, and fingerprint recognition. It supports photography, has a microphone and headphones, and is almost the same as a normal smartphone.

Of course, the smart stylus also retains its own functions, can be connected to other smart devices, and write operations on the paired device.