LG Display and China Patent Office hold OLED technology briefing

- Feb 26, 2019-

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On June 7, 2018, Chengdu News – LG Display OLED TV and Plastic OLED Technology Briefing was successfully held today at the Sichuan Center of Patent Examination and Cooperation of the Patent Office of Chengdu State Intellectual Property Office. With the rapid spread of OLED technology in China, in order to promote the development of OLED technology and the leap of display industry, this briefing has been held for the fourth consecutive year since LG Display first cooperated with Guangdong Review Collaboration Center in 2015. Yin Haorong, the director of LG Display, attended the briefing and explained the technical advantages of OLED for more than 100 patent examiners in the field of electronic display. At the same time, the depth of OLED technology and industry development issues and examiners deepened. communicate with.

LG Display OLED TV and Plastic OLED Technology Briefing will be held in Chengdu

Yin Haorong, director of LG Display, said: "China is the second home of LG Display and one of the fastest receiving regions for new technologies and products. LG Display will further expand its OLED patent portfolio in China. More and more products produced and sold in China can be equipped with LG Display's cutting-edge OLED technology, helping China become the core region to lead OLED growth.” Yin Yirong also stressed that “LG Display chose to build 8.5 generation OLED TV panel in Guangzhou. The production line is to provide the best service to Chinese customers and consumers. In the future, LG Display will continue to work hard to provide Chinese customers with differentiated technologies and products with unique value."

At present, China has gradually become the fastest growing region for OLEDs in the world, and patented technologies related to OLEDs are also emerging. In the past five years, LG Display's technology patent applications in China accounted for 29% of its total overseas patents, of which up to 55% of technology patents are related to the OLED field. LG Display has always attached great importance to the development of the Chinese market. Through joint technical briefings with patent agencies, LG Display hopes to help China's display industry always stay at the forefront of the technology trend.

OLED is widely regarded as the ideal technology for next-generation displays, and can be applied to multiple display fields such as televisions, mobile phones, commercial and automotive products. Thanks to its self-illuminating properties, each pixel of the OLED can control its brightness by eliminating the need for a backlight, thus enabling a perfect black display. In addition, OLEDs have unlimited design freedom, enabling transparent, flexible, and foldable display applications, making them the best choice for future display products.

As the only manufacturer in the world that can supply large-size OLED TV panels in batches, LG Display has been committed to promoting the development and popularization of OLEDs through its rich experience and innovative technologies. Its 55-inch, 66-inch, 77-inch OLEDs are introduced. Television is favored by the market for its artistic appearance and excellent display performance. At the recently launched SID (The Society for information Display), LG Display presented the world's first 77-inch transparent flexible OLED display panel to the world. With a thickness of only 400 um, the panel is equivalent to four hairs, with a radius of 80mm and 40% transparency. In the non-driven state and black screen, the rear view of the panel can be clearly seen. It is used in various scenes such as architectural glazing and even front windshield. At the same time, LG Display also released 21 academic papers on display related fields such as OLED, LCD, electronics, and algorithms at the conference, further demonstrating the demeanor of global display technology leaders.