LG Chem acquires DuPont technology and enters the field of soluble OLED

- Apr 22, 2019-

It is reported that LG Chem has said that it has acquired the key technologies and related assets of DuPont, a global high-tech chemical company, for the production of next-generation soluble OLEDs.

Under the agreement, LG Chem acquired DuPont's technology and patents for soluble OLEDs, as well as related R&D and production facilities.

The specific amount of the transaction has not been announced recently, but the industry estimates that the value is about 200 billion won ($176 million) to 300 billion won.

This soluble OLED technology adds soluble materials to the panel through inkjet printing to produce cost-effective displays while reducing material waste.

LG Chem said: "Through this transaction, we have gained strong market competitiveness in the field of soluble OLED."

LG Chem has been working to strengthen its materials business to diversify its business portfolio, including electric vehicle (EV) batteries and high-end chemicals.