LeTV will face 11 billion yuan repurchase responsibility! Official: We are not convinced

- May 17, 2019-

On May 15, LeTV.com announced that the company received the "Beijing Arbitration Commission Award" [2019 Beijing Arbitration Word No. 0893] the day before, and requested it to share the share repurchase of Qianhaisituo with the original LeTV Sports shareholders. And so on.


To add insult to injury, in addition to the fact that the case has been issued, LeTV is currently facing other 13-party shareholder arbitrations, and these cases are still in the process of trial. If LeTV's violation guarantee cases are all convicted, according to LeTV's internal calculation, LeTV's two rounds of financing capital of 8.4 billion yuan, if calculated according to 12% per year, LeTV will need to repurchase more than 110 100 million yuan of LeTV Sports equity.


This is a high debt, and it has only experienced the delisting storm, which can not help but make people doubt that the stormy music LeTV can still solve the current repurchase storm, which is obviously worthy of attention.


In response, LeTV.com responded: "For the debt of more than 10 billion yuan that comes out of thin air, if it is finally settled, the company will have no reinvigorating power, bankruptcy reorganization, asset restructuring, debt restructuring, etc. There is a basis for implementation. Only bankruptcy and liquidation are all the way. All the efforts of the company have been exhausted. We have been working hard and we have not succeeded. We are not satisfied."


What does this mean? Seeing him as a tall building, seeing his banquet guests, seeing that his building collapsed, once the legend of the demon stocks, the declining market is not finished, the key is the continued fermentation of the debt crisis, is this step by step to the endless land? Under the cold wave of the Internet economy, it is difficult for us to simply attribute the LeTV network's dilemma to "human disasters," but can the negative-looking and troubled LeTV network survive? I believe this is a problem!


Waiting for LeTV, perhaps only bankruptcy and liquidation.


I just want to say that this world is like this. Not all efforts can be rewarded, and the pay is not necessarily successful. Even if the heart is full of pride and depression, it will be awkward. LeTV, who shouted "We don't accept", is worthy of sympathy, but isn't that the case with commercial rivers and lakes? Seeing others come and go, everyone is all right!