LeTV TV company sells: up to 27 billion valuations Court auction starting price of only 1.8 billion

- Sep 10, 2018-

LeTV, which has become a junk stock with negative net assets, has recently begun to sell its debts. Lezhizhixin, a company owned by LeTV, is known for producing LeTV. However, the situation is that LeTV intends to sell it for debt.


On September 21, the new equity of Lerong Zhixin held by Leshi Holdings will be officially auctioned. The company's valuation in 2018 is up to 27 billion yuan, and the current valuation of Lerong Zhixin is only about 1.8 billion yuan. . Although there is only 6% of the valuation left, even if there is still no one to take over, according to the public notice of the court on August 20, at this stage, there is no one to participate in the auction.


At present, the wind and rain LeTV network is still on the brink of delisting, and Le Rongzhixin has been a pioneer in the rescue, and now has become a straw to save LeTV. In this year's semi-annual report, LeTV.com stated that 18.38% of the shares held by Lerong's new shareholder LeTV Holdings are frozen and some or all of them will enter the judicial auction process.


In addition to Le Rongzhixin, LeTV also intends to auction a number of assets such as LeTV Pictures to save the music on the edge of the crisis. However, the auctioneer also indicated to the purchaser in the auction information given that “the bidder is recommended to bid rationally”.