LeTV's delisting schedule is not yet clear

- Apr 10, 2019-

At the LeTV's 2019 First Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on the 9th, LeTV's Chairman Liu Shuqing, Director and General Manager Zhang Wei, Director Chen Hao and Secretary-General Bai Bing attended the event.


It is reported that LeTV CEO Zhang Wei said that listed companies do not have a suspension of listing by adjusting profits. According to the current Le Rongzhi new asset assessment report, the progress is expected to be less than 3.5 billion yuan. The new evaluation method, the establishment of the evaluation model and the final evaluation will require the evaluation report data to be finalized. .


In response to the problem of solvency, Zhang Wei also said that as of December 31, 2018, the unaudited current liabilities and non-current liabilities of the listed company were about 12 billion yuan, of which the supplier owed about 3.4 billion. Yuan, listed companies still face huge cases of maturing debts that cannot be repaid.


Dong Mi Bai Bing said that there is no clear timetable for LeTV's delisting and there is no progress. At the same time, LeTV has no exact plan to implement debt restructuring. As for Jia Yueting's repayment of the debts of listed companies with FF equity, it is said that due to the issue of Chinese and foreign equity, it is still in the discussion stage and has not yet reached the stage of implementation.