LED display PRICE WAR accelerates industry reshuffle

- Jul 16, 2018-

In the past few years, the LED display industry “price war” and “kill”, the major LED screen enterprises use the price of bottoming products to seize market share, set off a wave of low prices in the industry, this marketing through continuous compression of product profit space Means, causing the entire LED industry to be devastated, and making all the low-cost LED screen people suffer. However, recently, LED display companies in the industry have started the road of transformation, abandoning the marketing concept of winning by price in the past, and shifting the battlefield to the high-end display field according to the new trend of the current industry development.

Many companies said that in the economic competition of the LED display market, they are “forced” to enter the “price war” of smoke, especially small and medium-sized enterprises without brand effect. Under the dual system of strength and scale, they cannot The industry giants are facing competition, and they can only seek to survive in the cracks of profits by lowering the price of products and constantly creating the price advantage of products. However, since ancient times, quality and low prices have not been perfect. The ultimate goal of the company is to make money. Under the premise of lowering prices, in order to strive for greater profit margins, most companies choose the marketing policy of “price, light quality”. In the production process, more attention is paid to cost control, and the quality and innovation of products are discarded. Over time, the LED display industry is the same standard production, not only the homogenization phenomenon is getting more and more serious, resulting in a large number of inferior products flowing into the terminal market, but also overdraft the consumer's trust in the product, allowing customers to talk about "screen" Color change.

LED screen people know that the vicious competition under the "price war" is definitely not the market appearance of the LED display industry. Although it has touched a lot of walls in the process of development, it has a nose gray, but it is better to come. The more companies are sensible, calm down, and bring a suitable sustainable development path to the company with a more sensible vision.