LED backlight introduction

- May 10, 2018-


The LED backlight is actually a combination of many small LED lamps. These small LED lamps are called LED's. Compared with other light sources, the smallest power consumption is a single LED lamp.

    The color of LED lights is very diverse. Several common colors are red, yellow, and blue. White is a special color. The color of the LED light is various, but if divided by brightness, it can be roughly divided into two kinds of highlight and low light.


    The white color of the LED lamp is a mixed color, there is no wavelength value that can be identified, so we use it to represent the coordinates on the chromaticity diagram. We define it as two kinds, one is "cold white" and the other is "warm white."

    Whether it is cold white or warm white, the problem of color deviation is always there. Among them, white and blue are more obvious, especially white, and so far they have not been able to control it better.