LCD splicing screen 7 major considerations

- May 10, 2018-


In recent years, the development of the large-screen market has been very rapid. The development of commercial display LCD splicing screens is in full swing. The entire market is promiscuous, and a wide variety of LCD splicing screens make users dazzled. The product under the concept is difficult to choose. To this end, we will introduce to you the most important features of the LCD splicing screen, to provide users with some information and help in further understanding the LCD splicing screen and selecting the LCD splicing screen.

The rise of ultra-narrow LCD splicing screens has made LCD splicing a cost-effective, large-screen display device for indoor displays. Then a set of good LCD splicing products should have those qualities? How should users choose LCD splicing products? These need to understand the needs of users. The following are the characteristics of the LCD smart technology provided by users to understand the LCD splicing screen:

(1) The brightness can be as high as low. Brightness is a very important indicator to measure, if the brightness is not high enough, it will cause the screen displayed on the screen to be invisible in a strong light environment. This user can choose according to their own needs, such as in a strong light environment. The use of LCD splicing screens, large screens that do not meet the standard brightness, cannot perfectly display the screen contents.

(2) Splicing gap is small. As we all know, the patchwork of the LCD splicing screen has always been a very important factor affecting the overall system screen convergence effect and the screen display aesthetics, and LCD LCD splicing screen has also been breaking through the joints bottleneck from the early development so far, in today's LCD LCD splicing The screen seam has already made a great breakthrough. At present, the smallest ultra-narrow seam has been able to achieve 3.5mm, highlighting the advantages of splicing, combined with the ultra-thin, long-life, low power consumption and high stability of the LCD splicing screen itself. Low maintenance and other features, ultra-narrow LCD LCD splicing screen has been popular in the market, many users will prefer the ultra-narrow LCD LCD splicing screen as a large screen splicing system. For example, financial communication industry terminal information display and subway station large-screen information display are more interested in ultra-narrow LCD LCD splicing screens, especially related to some data analysis industry applications, ultra-narrow LCD LCD splicing screen can meet these special industries Demand, because the ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing screen can make the overall display of the large-screen display and the details of the overall display better.

(3) Ultra HD 4K LCD splicing screen. 4K technology has become a focus of public attention at present, and it is also a new standard in the current display field. 4K ultra-high-definition LCD splicing screen has naturally become a hot spot in the current commercial display market. For 4K, which is a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, the standardized 4K (3840 horizontal pixels) can reach 4x the resolution of 2K projectors and HDTVs, which belongs to Ultra HD resolution. Such a high-definition and exquisite display will be very effective as an exhibition display and real-time monitoring of advertisements, and the perfect presentation of the quality of the image is unmatched by other display devices.

(4) Large viewing angle. With the advancement of technology, the viewing angle of the spliced products using the LCD splicing screen has reached more than 178 degrees, achieving an absolute wide viewing angle.

(5) Panel type. The panel type used for the LCD splicing screen is very important. The panel can directly affect the overall performance and service life of the LCD splicing products, so it is necessary to understand clearly when purchasing.

(6) High contrast. Contrast is an important indicator to measure the display effect of LCD splicing screen. High contrast plays an important role in supporting the display of various colors. When the user views the screen image, contrast can be displayed from light and dark.

(7) Stitching screen performance is stable. LCD splicing screens are required to operate continuously for a long time in many applications, which requires the liquid crystal splicing screen to have strong stability and reliability performance.

In addition, because a complete splicing screen system is formed by splicing a plurality of display units, it is necessary to observe whether its design is reasonable and whether it can achieve strong and firm splicing. Once the entire system is put into use, many times it needs to reach 7*24 hours of continuous operation, so stability and reliability are essential in the splicing screen system. This also needs to pay attention to some details, such as the splicing screen adjustment base, fixed mirrors and wind tunnels to a certain extent will also affect the splicing effect and the stability of the system, so the user must also pay more attention when choosing .