LCD screen technical parameters you understand?

- Jun 13, 2018-

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        LCD screen technical parameters you understand? Many people are unwilling to understand this, and sometimes it is a kind of growth to see what they can usually access. Here we look at the LCD screen manufacturers introduce the technical parameters of the LCD screen.

LCD screen

Response time

The response time refers to the reaction speed of the liquid crystal display to the input signal, that is, the response time of the liquid crystal from dark to bright or from bright to dark (brightness from 10%-->90% or 90%-->10%) , Usually in milliseconds (ms). To clarify this, we must also talk about human perception of dynamic images. The human eye has the phenomenon of “visual residue”, and the high-speed motion picture will form a short-term impression in the human brain. The latest games, such as cartoons and movies, have been applied to the principle of visual remnants, allowing a series of gradient images to be displayed in rapid succession in front of the human eye, forming a dynamic image. People can accept the screen display speed is generally 24 per second, which is the origin of the movie 24 frames per second playback speed, if the display speed is lower than this standard, people will obviously feel the screen pauses and discomfort. Calculated according to this index, the time displayed on each screen needs to be less than 40ms. In this way, for a liquid crystal display, a response time of 40ms becomes a hurdle, and a display that is higher than 40ms will show noticeable flickering of the screen, making people feel dazzled. If you want to make the picture image not flicker, it is best to achieve a speed of 60 frames per second.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle of the LCD is a headache. After the back light passes through the polarizer, the liquid crystal, and the alignment layer, the output light has directionality. In other words, most of the light is emitted vertically from the screen, so when viewing a liquid crystal display from a relatively large angle, you cannot see the original color, and you can only see it completely white or black. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers have also started to develop wide-angle technology. So far there are three more popular technologies: TN+FILM, IPS (IN-PLANE-SWITCHING) and MVA (MULTI-DOMAIN VERTICAL alignMENT).

The technical parameters of the LCD screen even though you may not understand it, but at least we know what the LCD screen technology parameters. Need LCD LCD screen can contact the LCD screen manufacturers