LCD is the most profitable but has to be ended. OLED has revolutionized

- Apr 19, 2019-

There is a philosophical statement that vividly summarizes the current OLED organic TV and LCD LCD TV battles in China's color TV industry, that is, the emergence of new things and the demise of old things, is irresistible, new things must replace old things. New things negate the negative, outdated, and decaying things of old things, while absorbing and inheriting the positive things in the old things that are still adapting to the new historical conditions, and adding something new that cannot be accommodated for the old things. .

Therefore, new things are richer in content than old things, more advanced in form than old things, more rational in structure than old things, more powerful in function than old things, and superior in superiority to old things. Strong vitality.

The recent explosive growth of OLEDs has also received strong attention from securities institutions, and it is believed that the OLED industry will break out soon and the concept stocks will continue to rise. OLED concept stocks - Rainbow shares, Shenzhen Tianma A, Xiangyang Huicheng, Xinlun Technology and Zhongying Electronics and other stocks have recently repeated daily limit. The industry believes that the market space for OLED display and lighting is broad, the entire industry chain is expected to usher in rapid development, and related listed companies will also usher in new opportunities for growth.

Thousands of VS spare no effort

After years of technological development, OLED screens have finally become the new focus of the industry. Organic self-illuminating material, bendable, flexible, rollable, transparent OLED organic TV, compared to liquid crystal TV products with LCD materials, no backlight, very thin organic material coating and glass substrate, in the content Performance, product form, principle structure, image quality and other aspects are far stronger than the latter.

Of course, there is still a sentence, the new thing to overcome the old things to undergo a process of tortuous development. That is to say, in the process of OLED organic TV continuous popularization, color TV enterprises with core interests in LCD TVs will surely prevent themselves from being replaced by OLED organic TVs, and at the same time give a new generation of color TV display technology products. Set development barriers.

It is undeniable that OLED organic TV is indeed in the initial stage of market popularity. According to the author's understanding, Skyworth will refer to 2016 as the first year of OLED TV popularity. In other words, even Skyworth, a Chinese company that has spared no effort to promote OLED organic TVs for several years, has a clear understanding of the growth of OLED organic TVs in the Chinese market.

As we mentioned above, new things have to undergo a tortuous development process to overcome old things. OLED organic TVs cannot replace LCD TVs overnight. However, this twist is an upward twist. As an emerging display technology product, OLED organic TV will inevitably replace LCD TVs one day. This is an industry consensus.

Innovation is not a fancy, user needs are true

According to the total data of Avi Cloud (AVC), the volume of retail sales in the color TV market in the first quarter of 2016 was 12.44 million units, an increase of 3.0% year-on-year. However, the price of TV panels continued to fall, resulting in the decline in the average selling price of color TVs. The sales of color TV companies were affected. In the first quarter of 2016, the retail sales of color TVs was 38.2 billion yuan, down 4.9% year-on-year. The profits of color TV companies were continuously compressed.

Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) analysis believes that in the increasingly competitive color TV industry, in order to obtain better profit margins, color TV enterprises must innovate at the product end, that is, through technological innovation, to produce products that can meet consumer demand. .

From the development direction of LCD TVs, after 4K resolution TV, it is 8K, 10K, 11K. For ordinary color TV users, 8K TV has surpassed the range of human eye resolution, and the higher the resolution of the TV, the larger the required color TV size, so that the viewing effect can be best.

Now that 4K TV wants to experience well, 60~65 inches is more suitable. It may take 70~80 inches to 8K to experience the best. The average user can't afford the TV products specially provided by this local tyrant, so 8K TV For ordinary consumers, it is the moon in the water, the flowers in the mirror, and the flashy.

OLED organic TV is a product that mass consumers can really see, buy real machines, feel texture, and have broad future application prospects.