LCD dot matrix liquid crystal interface technology

- Nov 07, 2018-

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In the LCD dot matrix liquid crystal display, the control driving circuit is integrated with the liquid crystal dot matrix to form a display module, which can be directly connected with the 8-bit microprocessor interface. The use of such a dot-matrix liquid crystal display not only displays data and Chinese characters, but also displays control flow charts and control curves, thereby significantly improving the window function of the intelligent instrument and the control system. LCD dot matrix liquid crystal display is not only easy to use, LCD dot matrix interface technology can not only display characters, numbers, but also display various graphics, curves and man, and can realize screen scrolling up and down, animation function, partition window , reverse, flashing and other functions, the use is very extensive. With the breakthrough of liquid crystal technology, the quality of liquid crystal displays has been greatly improved. Varieties are constantly being introduced, not only have black and white LCD monitors of various specifications, but also colorful LCD monitors.