LCD display LCD classification and display

- Oct 22, 2018-

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LCD liquid crystal display classification

    According to the use of products, it can be divided into communication tools, household appliances, handheld computers, vehicles, measuring instruments, instrumentation, cultural and educational equipment, amusement facilities and other categories;

    According to the display mode, it can be divided into two categories: positive and negative;

    According to the optical mode, it can be divided into reflection type, transmission type, transflective type, etc.;

    According to the LCD category, it can be divided into TN type, HTN type, STN type, FSTN type;

    According to the color mode, it can be divided into yellow green, gray, black, white, blue, etc.;

    According to the direction of observation, it can be divided into 3, 6, 9, 12 o'clock and so on.

    LCD display mode

    The LCD has three display modes: reflective, transmissive and transflective.

    A reflective reflector is added to the bottom polarizer of the reflective LCD, which is typically used outdoors and in well-lit offices.

    The bottom polarizer of a transmissive LCD is a transmissive polarizer, which requires continuous use of the backlight, and is generally used in a poor light environment.

    The transflective LCD is between the above two. The bottom polarizer can partially reflect light, and generally has a backlight. When the light is good, the backlight can be turned off; when the light is poor, the backlight can be used to use the LCD.

     LCD display mode positive and negative

    Positive LCDs appear black on white and are best displayed in reflective and transflective LCDs;

    The negative LCD is white on a black background, generally used for transmissive LCDs, with a backlight, clear fonts, and easy to read.