LCD character display module

- Jul 17, 2018-




LCD liquid crystal display is widely used, LCD screen on electronic watch, LCD liquid crystal display on instrument instrument or LCD liquid crystal display on computer notebook, general office equipment such as fax machine, copier, and some entertainment equipment toys. It is often common to use LCDs.

     The character type liquid crystal display module, abbreviated as LCM, is a dot matrix liquid crystal display module specially used for displaying letters, numbers, symbols and the like. The electrode pattern design on the display device consists of several 5*7 or 5*11 dot matrix symbols. Each dot character can display one character. The spacing between the dot character bits has a space spacing and line spacing.

     At present, there are commonly used character module groups of 16 words * 1 line, 16 words * 2 lines, 20 words * 2 lines and 40 words * 2 lines. Although these LCMs display different numbers of words, they all have the same input and output interface.