Laser TV Health Eye Care is certified by the national authority

- Sep 18, 2018-

Laser TV "Health Eye Care" has been confirmed by national authorities! Recently, the Sai Xi Laboratory of the China Electronics Standardization Research Institute and the ophthalmology expert of Peking Union Medical College Hospital under the same authority of the country directly watched the rigorous comparison test of laser TV and LCD TV under the same conditions of the crowd, and obtained 144 sets of test data. The data confirms that laser TV does have strong eye protection characteristics and even has certain improvement effects in certain aspects.


Oxime laboratory and Concord Hospital ophthalmologists selected 36 people and divided them into 6 groups under the same conditions for their two-day test. Compare the human eye to the same size at a certain time (90 minutes) and a certain distance (3 meters). The subjective and objective evaluation of the laser TV and LCD TV before and after, and obtained 144 sets of test data on human visual acuity, diopter, tear film rupture, ciliary muscle flexibility and subjective feeling of the human eye.


Data analysis and comparison confirmed that subjects will have obvious vision, diopter and ciliary muscle changes after watching LCD TV, as well as symptoms such as eye swelling, eye pain, photophobia, dry eyes and blurred vision; subjects watched laser TV After that, the key indicators such as visual acuity and subjective feelings of the eye did not change significantly. The study also found that due to long-term excessive contraction of the ciliary muscle, it is easy to cause myopia. After watching the LCD TV, the subject has obvious ciliary muscle fatigue. After watching the laser TV, the ciliary muscle tends to be more flexible. It can be seen that under the same conditions. Laser TV is not only more comfortable, but also protects the eyes to some extent.


Dr. Liu Xianrong, a laser TV expert, pointed out that the characteristics of laser TV health eye protection are determined by its luminescence imaging principle. Liquid crystal or OLED TVs use direct-type imaging. Large-area screen light directly enters the eye, and it is accompanied by highlighting, stroboscopic refreshing, etc. The larger the size, the longer the viewing time, the more likely it is to cause visual fatigue. The laser TV reflects the light through the screen to the viewer's eyes. As the natural world reflects the sunlight, the final image enters the eye, and the light is soft and comfortable without glare.


The reporter learned that the characteristics of laser TV "health protection eye" are constantly winning the recognition of the market and consumers. Zhongyikang data shows that in the first half of 2018, domestic laser TV sales increased by 326.32% year-on-year. As the "inventor" of laser TV, Hisense Laser TV's sales and sales in August accounted for 94.46% and 94.82% of the total laser TV market, accounting for half of China's 80-inch color TV market. .


The good eye protection characteristics of laser TV has also attracted more and more parents' attention. The teenage myopia rate in our country is very serious. General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions in succession recently, demanding that “the whole society should act to protect the children’s eyes and let them have a bright future.” The industry expects that with the coming The more consumers continue to increase their demand for eye protection, the massive outbreak of the laser TV market has just begun.