Large size panel driver IC transmission price increase

- Sep 03, 2018-

Since the beginning of this year, the component terminals have been blowing out of stocks to drive the price hike. At present, this price hike has already blown into the large-size panel driver IC market. The supply chain pointed out that since the driver IC is mainly focused on 8 wafers, from the first half of this year, the production capacity of 8 wafers of UMC and the world is quite tight. After entering the second half of the year, the car released by the international IDM factory High-margin orders such as power management IC orders have become the first choice for foundries.


Therefore, the driver IC with relatively low gross profit margin will naturally suffer from the loss of production capacity. In addition, the driver IC of the smart phone has begun to introduce a large number of integrated touch and drive ICs (TDDI), and the capacity of large-size panel driver ICs has been squeezed. After the panel factory entered the peak season of pulling goods, it faced a panel, but there was no shortage of driving ICs.


In addition, at the test and test end, the driver IC test will benefit from the smart phone pull effect in the second half of the year, making the film flip chip (COF) package and TDDI in short supply, and entering the peak of shipment in the third quarter, the production capacity is expected to be full. At the end of the year, the packaging and testing plant has also comprehensively adjusted the quotation of the driver IC package. The large-size panel driver IC is naturally within the price range. On behalf of the foundry and the terminal, the price of the large-size panel driver IC has been raised.


As the semiconductor manufacturing terminal adjusts the large-size panel driver IC quotation, and the out-of-stock effect, the market has spread, the driver IC factory has notified the customer to increase the price of the large-size panel driver IC, which has increased by about 10%. The legal person is optimistic, and the layout of the large-size panel driver IC will be expected to benefit.