Korean plant turns to OLED panel fears erosion of LCD market

- Mar 27, 2018-

                 Liu Meijun, an industrial analyst at the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that South Korea's panel makers are turning to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels. The increase in new production yields in the middle of next year will erode some of the liquid crystal display panel (LCD) market.

                 According to Liu Meijun, South Korea's panel makers Samsung Display and Le Gold Display are all turning to OLED panels. The new production capacity will be mainly in medium and small size next year. Apple's new iPhone panel is the target.

                 She said that after large-scale production of small and medium size OLED panels in South Korea, the price is expected to be depressed, and thus is expected to replace some of the small and medium-sized LCD panel market; Samsung, which has mass-produced OLED mobile phone panels, uses OLED panels in addition to its own-brand mobile phones. Opportunity to supply Apple, and other brands of mobile phones.

                 Yuejin Display, which has already mass-produced OLED TV panels, will also enter the OLED mobile phone panel market.

                 In addition, South Korea's Samsung 7G LCD panel production line is about to stop production. The move to OLED panels has tightened the supply of current 40-inch LCD panels, driving up prices, but next year, if the LCD panel production capacity and yield in China increase, supply will increase. With the increase, the price may still fall. The key is to increase the speed of the land plant technology.