Korean manufacturers do not invest in OLEDs

- May 15, 2018-

According to Korean media ET News, the organic material evaporation machine produced by Canon Tokki in Japan will be sold in full to China in 2018. Although Japan Display (JDI) is also interested in investing in small and medium sized OLED panels, there is no definitive investment plan in 2018, making mainland Chinese panel makers the protagonists of small and medium sized OLED devices.

According to industry sources, Canon Tokki plans to ship 11 organic vapor deposition machines in 2018. One of them has been delivered to LGD at the beginning of 2018, which is the third phase of the LGD E6 production line.

Originally, LGD intends to postpone the investment time. However, LGD and Canon Tokki failed to negotiate due to issues such as manufacturing timelines and liquidated damages. Finally, LGD completed the purchase according to the original plan. However, with the exception of the evaporation machine, the purchase of other machines was suspended.

LGD’s cooperating vendors stated that they had been coordinating shipment time with LGD and suddenly received notification that the purchase plan had been suspended. There are no further instructions. Recently, the global smart phone panel market has fallen into a recession, and panel makers have taken a wait-and-see attitude towards market development.