Korea's cutting-edge industrial and technological talents jumped to BOE to narrow the technological gap between China and South Korea

- Jun 28, 2018-

On June 26, according to the South Korea’s “Daily Economy” report, South Korea’s technical personnel in the areas of fisted industrial semiconductors and displays are rushing out of China in large numbers. These technicians took all their core technologies and jumped to Chinese companies. It plays an important role in narrowing the technological gap between China and South Korea.

The report quoted sources in the industry as saying that the three OLED chief researchers (ministerial level) of Samsung Electronics had resigned from this year to work for BOE in China.

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In recent years, China has been catching up with the introduction of talents. In order to ensure the display technology talents, it is now conducting comprehensive recruitment in Korea, Japan, and China Taiwan. According to Korean media reports, there are currently more than 100 South Korean technical talents in BOE, half of which are from Samsung Electronics, half from LG Electronics and SK Hynix. According to industry sources, China’s salaries for Korean technical talents are very good. If it is the ministerial technician of Samsung Electronics, the annual salary will reach 500 million won (about 2.94 million yuan), and the junior minister will be 3-4 billion won, which is 3-4 times the salaries of Korean companies.

According to the South Korean National Intelligence Agency, in South Korea's advanced industries such as semiconductors, displays and smart phones, the flow of Korean technical talent to overseas competitors has become increasingly serious.

In addition to cutting-edge Korean technology talents who jumped to Chinese companies, Korean media also previously reported that more and more South Korean civil aviation pilots have also switched jobs, many of whom went to Chinese companies with higher salaries and better working conditions.