JDI uses new technology to produce OLED display panels, reducing costs by 40%

- Jan 08, 2019-

Although this year's iPhone X is not really on sale, there is no doubt that iPhone X has once again detonated the industry's pursuit of OLED screens. Recently, people familiar with the matter told Reuters that Japan's JDI's JOLED is raising up to 900 million US dollars in the intention to use new technology to produce OLED display panels.

In addition to JDI, all major display screen manufacturers are working in the field of OLED. At present, Apple's iPhone X's OLED display order has been taken over by Samsung, and even South Korean counterpart LG can only hope to sigh.

JDI's new production line is said to significantly reduce the cost of producing OLED displays. For Apple, which is extremely price-conscious, this will be an important means for JDI to squeeze into the Apple OLED screen supply chain.

Some people familiar with the matter pointed out that if JOLED uses a new production line to produce OLED screens, the price of its OLED screens is expected to drop by 30% to 40%. And in the future, the production line may even be used to produce large OLED panels that are used in televisions. In the new panel, it is also expected to completely remove the indispensable color filters in the current OLED screen.

At the moment, JDI holds a 15% stake in JOLED, and two other technology giants in Japan, Sony and Panasonic, hold a 5% stake in JOLED. Stimulated by this news, JDI shares surged more than 24% on the day, making the company's current market value reached 1.5 billion US dollars.