Is it better to choose the LCD display?

- May 18, 2018-


Many people in the LCD LCD display selection process, they will think that the LCD screen is brighter the better, so a concept like this is really correct? Is LCD LCD really brighter? After analyzing the LCD screen, you will know how to select the LCD screen.

Brightness is just an indicator in choosing LCD liquid crystal display, the brighter display people can be prominent in several different display screens when people choose, it is easy to attract people's attention. However, in general, the brighter the LCD screen is in the process of displaying the color effect, it will be found that because the brightness is too high, the effect of color is reduced. In addition, in fact, during the production process of the LCD liquid crystal display, the panel itself has no brightness, and the overall brightness is due to the light tube so that the display feels particularly bright. The more tubes, the higher the brightness. Of course, the demand for electricity is also greater, so the more bright the LCD screen, the greater the power consumption. In addition, the brighter LCD display has a drawback, that is, there will be a certain amount of light leakage, no matter how good the LCD LCD screen in the LCD LCD screen processing, as long as it reaches a certain brightness will have a problem of light leakage.

Therefore, after comprehensively considering all the parameters and considerations, it will be found that during the process of selecting the LCD liquid crystal display, the brighter the LCD liquid crystal display is, the better, and the selection must be made according to the normal contrast. As long as the overall light is comfortable in the display effect of the picture, it is a good LCD display.