iPhone XR sales difference affects LCD supplier transmission JDI reduced production by 30%

- Dec 10, 2018-

Among the three iPhones released by Apple this year, the iPhone XR, which was launched on October 26 and equipped with an LCD screen, has repeatedly reported that sales are sluggish.


According to the Nikkei News on the 9th, because the iPhone XR sales are even more depressed than Apple's original expectations, the supplier JDI has been reducing production measures for XR LCD panels since December.


It is understood that more than half of the LCD panels required for iPhone XR are supplied by JDI, and XR orders are the key to JDI's use to break away from losses for four consecutive years. If the production cuts are lengthened, it will impact the pace of JDI reconstruction.


JDI XR's LCD panel production line will maintain its full capacity in October-November, but the production forecast for December will be reduced by about 30% compared with the full capacity. JDI will gradually reduce the capacity utilization rate of the plant, and the production line will be shut down for about 10 days at the end of the year.


It is reported that a certain proportion of the XR's LCD panel production reduction will be filled by increasing the production of other models or non-smartphone products, and the production adjustments and demand trends will be restored after next year.