iPhone X screen: do you feel it?

- May 17, 2018-

Do you know which model is the best screen in the world?

The screen professional evaluation organization Display Week gave this answer. After careful screening, they stated that the iPhone X and iPad Pro II are the two best devices in the current mobile devices.

This award was honored. Two of the two products, True Tone and ProMotion, played a key role.

True Tone simply adjusts the display's white balance dynamically based on ambient light, while ProMotion's adaptive refresh rate technology supports refresh rates up to 120Hz.

Finally, to say the next iPhone X, the cost of this phone screen is very high, which is the main reason for it to buy nearly 10,000 yuan price, of course, is Apple's exclusive custom OLED screen to Samsung, with 1000000:1 contrast, support wide Color gamut, how does the user experience?