iPhone new machine orders OLED is 70 million pieces of LCD cut into 30 million pieces

- Jul 02, 2018-

According to Korean media reports, Apple's orders to suppliers, the number of new machine displays in 2018: 6.5 inches new iPhone OLED display 45 million, 5.84 inch new iPhone OLED display 25 million, total OLED The order quantity of the display screen is 70 million pieces; And the order quantity of 6.1 inches new iPhone LCD display will reduce to 30 million pieces.

Earlier media reports said that in order to attract Android users, Apple will vigorously promote its new LCD version of the iPhone, which is the 6.1-inch new iPhone. The LCD display is supplied by JDI and LGD. The total number of orders in the annual cycle exceeds 100 million. It is the number of models of the new OLED version of the new iPhone.

Some Apple engineers also said that it seems that there is not enough evidence to prove that consumers can distinguish the difference between LCD and OLED experience, but the cost of OLED display is much higher than LCD display.

However, the news from the supply chain said that because Apple re-added the external touch screen in the LCD version of the new iPhone, in order to solve the resolution increase, the duty ratio between the display and the touch is insufficient. Pave the way for the promotion of Apple's stylus later. However, in the actual first small batch trial production process, it is likely that there is a compatibility problem in Apple's design, and the trial yield of the LCD display touch module is zero.

Affected by this, foreign analysts believe that the time-to-market for new LCD phones with LCD versions in 2018 will be postponed to November, and the order volume for the new 6.1-inch new iPhone LCD screens is also due to the delay in volume production. In order to ensure the entire shipment volume, the number of orders for the new 6.5-inch iPhone OLED display had to be increased from 25 million to 45 million.

The number of orders for new aircraft of Apple every year has become the trend indicator of the future product direction of the entire mobile phone industry chain, especially the peripheral accessories companies that are parasitic on Apple's mobile phone products, such as the fuselage protection shell enterprises. Therefore, a large number of research institutions in the industry conduct a large number of research on Apple supply chain companies in order to predict the future development direction and profitability of the industry.

At present, the industry's flexible OLED production capacity is limited, the change in orders for the new iPhone version of Apple's LCD version, and the delay in time to market, will not only directly affect the production performance of Apple's iPhone LCD display companies, JDI and LGD, but also It has a large negative impact on the peripheral supporting enterprises that originally engaged in the Apple LCD display iPhone.

The layout of LGD and JDI on the OLED mobile phone screen has obviously slowed down, or almost stagnated. If Apple shrinks further on the LCD display order, and finally adopts the OLED display, LGD and JDI will completely lose the iPhone. Display order.