iPhone full-use OLED screen next year JDI's share price plummeted by 20%

- May 30, 2018-

Currently, in the mobile phone application, the purchase volume of the flexible OLED display of the iPhone is the world's largest order. Whether it is now or in the next three to five years, it will eat about half of the industry's production capacity. Therefore, Apple's attitude toward OLED display is The industry has strong guidance.

According to South Korea's ETNews, an Apple official was quoted as saying that "Apple has recently begun planning for the new 2019 iPhone model and has decided to deploy OLED screens in all three models. The OLED screen used in the iPhone X is an LTPS technology. LCD display quality, power consumption products.” Affected by this news, at the same time as the main LCD LCD screen supplier of 2018 cheap version of the Japanese display company (JDI) stock price fell 29% intraday, more than 20%, LCD display Sharp stock price of the second supplier also fell on the 29th.

Related industry sources also revealed to Li Xing that after Apple sent hundreds of R&D teams to participate in the International Display Week (SID Display Week 2018), the information passed to the outside world shows that Apple hopes that all iPhones can use OLED displays next year.

In addition, according to sources who have contacted its R&D team members, due to the limitations of the internal space of the iPhone, and the negative impact of replacing the battery and compensating for the difference brought by Apple’s “down-door”, the iPhone’s R&D team had to Consider the possibility of using an OLED display for an LCD display.

However, Apple currently has a headache for OLED production. Samsung is only able to supply OLED displays for iPhones on the market. LG's OLED production line failed to pass Apple's test due to mass production last year and needs to be updated. Line equipment, new equipment is still in commissioning, the entire line of transformation and commissioning is not necessarily completed this year, to provide quality and Samsung's OLED display, the industry is expected to wait until at least next year, but the production capacity is limited.