Introduction to Graphic LCD

- Feb 09, 2018-

Lattice, itself is a geometric noun, English is: lattice. is a lattice frame, similar to the meaning of lattice frame. This is a space noun, if removed to the plane, then with the display of the lamp bead decorate not you that Lenovo, design display lattice refers to the screen on the length and width can show how many pixel points, or in the LED display on the length and width of how many LEDs will also glow. The network structure of the digital analog circuit is deeply related.

Dot matrix screen technology to Canta as an example is the 192 led chip three-color package in a module, composed of modules by the module board, composed of the Unit Panel screen.

Dot-matrix Full-color at present the main products are P6, P7.62 two kinds of specifications. Applicable to stadiums, commercial applications, banks, securities, large supermarkets, postal services, schools, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, enterprises and other places.