Industrial LCD liquid crystal display advantages and daily maintenance work

- Jul 13, 2018-




Advantages of industrial LCD liquid crystal displays:

1. With the development of LCD screens for many years, the technology has been quite mature, and industrial applications have become very common and mature, saving space.

2, the difference between industrial LCD display and traditional CRT is the power consumption and volume, the traditional 17-inch CRT, power consumption of about 80W, and the power consumption of 17-inch LCD is mostly about 40W, long time calculation, LCD in terms of energy saving Can be described as obvious advantages.

3. Industrial liquid crystal displays are still relatively environmentally friendly. This is because there are no high-voltage components such as CRTs in industrial liquid crystal displays, so there is no problem of X-rays exceeding the high voltage caused by high voltage. Generally speaking, the radiation is lower than CRT.

4. Industrial CRT displays have an electromagnetic field generated by a deflection yoke to control the electron beam, but the electron beam is not positioned on the screen. Therefore, CRT displays tend to have different degrees of geometric distortion and linear distortion. The liquid crystal display does not have any geometric distortion or linear distortion due to its principle problem, which is also a big advantage.

Industrial displays generally fail, with a little maintenance knowledge, which is easy to repair.

1, the display of the entire machine without electricity should be said to be a very simple fault, the general LCD monitor extension power supply and external power supply two, the common is off-board, but no matter what kind of power supply, its structure is better than the power supply of CRT monitor Much simpler, small components are generally more susceptible to damage, such as fuses, input inductors, switching tubes, Zener diodes, etc. The less common fault is that the power supply caused by the CPU of the motherboard can't be started. This part is actually quite simple. It is through the key control board to the CPU, and then the CPU outputs a control signal to drive the power conversion integrated circuit.

2. The display is black, but the power indicator is always on. This kind of problem is generally caused by high-voltage faults. Generally, the LCD screen is displayed in this case, which is “strabismus”. The focus of the inspection is on the comparison of repair methods. The high-voltage boards of the current liquid crystal display are generally symmetrically designed, and the possibility of both sides being bad at the same time is impossible. Generally, the old machine is prone to problems with the step-up transformer and the lamp tube, and the protection circuit and the process problem of the new machine are relatively many.

3, the screen bright line or dark line such a problem, generally the LCD screen failure. The bright line fault is generally a problem with the cable connecting the LCD screen body. The dark line is generally the leakage of the body of the screen. The above two problems are basically the death penalty for the machine. There is no maintenance value, because the price of a screen is too Taller.

4, Huaping or white screen This problem is generally the screen drive voltage is a problem, if the screen drive circuit is on the motherboard, then it should be the motherboard failure, if the screen drive circuit is on the LCD screen, under normal circumstances It should be changed, and the risk of maintenance is also great.

5, color cast failure can generally enter the maintenance adjustment mode to adjust.

6. Other relatively rare fault interference: In different working modes, there may be some interference in the liquid crystal display, most of which is normal, and a few are brought on the circuit, because the special production process of the liquid crystal display causes Only problems detected in the standard operating mode can be considered faults.