Huaying Technology's foreign employees cancel overtime, halving salary

- Oct 09, 2018-

On October 8th, the panel factory Huaying had employees broke the news. The company introduced new measures. From today, all foreign employees do not need to work overtime, and the salary will be halved. In this regard, Huaying confirmed that the working hours adjustment for its 550 foreign employees is due to the short-term phenomenon, and these employees still have the right to work.


In response to this news, Huaying further stated that last Wednesday and Thursday had held a briefing with foreign employees of Longtan and Yangmei Factory. The working hours of these employees were restored from the original 12 hours to the basic working hours of 8 hours. The basic salary is still in accordance with the labor. Basic law.


It is understood that Huaying currently has about 550 foreign employees, accounting for 11% of all 4,600 Huaying employees. The adjustment was made according to Huaying's explanation because the demand for small and medium-sized panels in the second half of the year was not busy, and the brand was too concentrated, and the demand for orders fluctuated greatly. Therefore, Huaying’s order demand is not as good. expected. Hua Ying stressed that this is only a short-term situation. In the future, as the market conditions pick up, 12 hours of work will be resumed.


In September this year, Huaying Technology was laid off. Hua Ying said frankly that personnel adjustment is aimed at performance performance, and layoffs for those who belong to the last position, with a proportion of only 1.4% and a total of 65 people, all of whom are full-time employees. Huaying denied that the manpower was adjusted because of poor operation, but whether the units replenish their manpower depends on their needs.


In fact, Huaying is not the first panel factory to lay off employees this year. In May, Innolux also broke the layoffs. Innolux said that this time it is not layoffs, it is weak and strong. In order to maintain competitiveness, the company will have a routine management of weak and strong management every year. At present, there are 30,000 employees in Taiwan. This time, the number of employees is 72, which is only 0.2%, which is quite low. The 72 employees who have been employed have been re-trained and retrained for half a year, and they are cautiously assessed for discomfort, and then report the funds to the competent authorities and follow the regulations.