Huaying car panel 夯 shipment is expected to reach the standard

- Sep 04, 2018-

In the third quarter of the mobile phone market, the conversion of shaped cutting products affected the momentum of pulling goods. Lin Shengchang, general manager of Huaying, pointed out that the new products will be concentrated in the fourth quarter.


Lin Shengchang said that last year, the mobile phone panel was converted from 16:9 to 18:9. This year, it is a special-shaped cutting conversion. Many brands have launched a full-screen mobile phone with a bangs screen and a teardrop shape. Huaying has launched three models of up to 19:9 full-screen smart phone models, including 5.7, 6.0and 6.3, combined with in-cell touch technology and bangs, beauty tips and L, etc. Panel for profiled cutting solutions. Among them, the 6.26drop-shaped panel will be launched in October and will be released in September. This is also the first special-shaped cutting panel of Huaying. After the third quarter adjustment, it is estimated that the fourth quarter mobile phone panel market performance will be better than the third quarter.


In recent years, Huaying has actively expanded its non-consumer application market, such as in-vehicle and industrial control. This year, vehicle and industrial control revenue will contribute 40%, and in 2019, it will challenge 50%. Lin Shengchang said that the car panel market is growing steadily. The target of 14 million pieces of car panel shipments this year is expected to reach the market, and the market share of the car market is over 50%.


This year, Huaying displays many car panel applications. Many new car models will consider the integrated design, integrating the display information such as the instrument panel, the center console and the front driver's front display, which not only simplifies the design, but also enhances the overall car. Inner beauty. Huaying has developed a multi-information integrated display panel, including an L-shaped display panel that combines 12.3 inches and 10.1 inches, and two products including a 25-inch and 27.73-inch display panel. In addition, Huaying has designed the embedded touch technology to the center console display, and with the TDDI enhanced touch panel design architecture, it provides customers with a higher flexibility in interior design.


Huaying also showed 12.3" Mini LED backlight technology products and 25-inch Mini LED backlight technology products. Lin Shengchang said that the product is considered a Mini LED backlight, the number of LEDs used and the number of regional backlight partitions are not so much, compared with the traditional backlight products, only 50 US dollars, the market acceptance will be higher. Next, we will send samples positively and have the opportunity to mass production in two years.