Huawei Mate 20 pro equipped with BOE (BOE) flexible display

- Oct 17, 2018-

On October 16th, Huawei released the new heavy-duty mobile phone Mate20 pro in London, England. In addition to the functional upgrade, the use of flexible display has become a highlight of the new product release. It is understood that the flexible screen of Huawei Mate20 pro mobile phone is from BOE (BOE).


The new mobile phone released by Huawei has completely upgraded the unlocking method. For the first time, the dual unlocking mode of the screen fingerprint unlocking + 3D face recognition unlocking is realized, which puts higher requirements on the flexible screen. This 6.39-inch mobile phone is equipped with BOE (BOE) AMOLED flexible full-screen, using the most popular "Liu Haiping" design, equipped with four curved 3D curved glass, QHD + resolution, to the fullest meet the full screen mobile phone The need for screen ratio. More than just a flexible screen, BOE also provides highly integrated solutions for Huawei Mate 20 Pro phones based on screen folding, profiled design, and off-screen fingerprint technology.


A senior Principal Analyst at IHS Markit Display Research said that smartphones are increasingly demanding flexible AMOLED displays, and mainstream smartphone brands are accelerating the use of flexible AMOLED screens in high-end flagship products in order to differentiate their form factors. The ratio of flexible display to total AMOLED display shipments will increase from 38.9% in 2018 to 52% in 2020.


At present, BOE (BOE)'s first 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line in China has been mass-produced. The 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line of Mianyang will also be mass-produced in 2019. With the further application of flexible display in high-end vehicles, folding mobile phones, folding notebooks, wearable devices, etc., users will better experience the changes brought about by technological innovation.