Huawei Mate 20 Pro adopts new Turbine OLED display driver IC and touch controller

- Oct 18, 2018-

Chip-on-film (COF) display solutions for OLEDs and LCDs have been widely adopted by smartphone OEMs


Synaptics Incorporated, the world's leading developer of human-machine interface solutions, announced that its flip-chip (COF) packaging technology with ClearView OLED display driver technology has been included in several major smartphones including Huawei. Extensive adoption by OEMs. Huawei has applied this technology to the latest Mate 20 Pro with WQHD resolution. The product is also the first smartphone to feature a complete system solution from New Turith Electronics, including the standalone COF ClearView Display Driver IC (DDIC) and ClearPad touch controller, each of which has shipped millions of pieces.


With its innovative COF design, New Turk Electronics continues to lead the industry to a borderless, perfect immersive OLED and LCD smartphone display – more than 20 of which have been put into mass production. The display technology of the new Tuss Electronics technology on the COF is folded under the OLED and LCD panels, allowing a larger screen to have a smaller form factor. By integrating the independent DDIC's deep product portfolio with the TouchView TDDI solution using COF packaging technology, New Turith Electronics offers solutions for a variety of major resolutions.


Tina Gu, vice president of corporate sales for the new Turks Electronics Technology Mobile and Automotive Markets, said: "We have established close relationships with major display manufacturers in China, Japan and Korea. Whether it is OLED or LCD panels, we are global smartphone OEMs. The manufacturer is equipped with state-of-the-art touch and display technology. New Turk Electronics has established a mature COF supply chain to cope with the rapid development of borderless mobile phones. Our early innovations in TDDI and DDIC have made the market flourish. Vivid smartphones showcase our feature-rich technology."