Huawei full screen mobile phone design patent exposure: support waterproof

- Jun 20, 2018-

Huawei's patent filed in February surfaced. The patent describes a semi-modular design that allows the phone to have a thinner frame while still maintaining basic features such as waterproof, dust-proof and anti-static.

The patent shows that four metal frames surround the display panel located at the top of the main housing and are glued on both sides by glue, so that a particularly thin frame is realized, and since the display is located in the recessed area of the main housing, the side frame generates There is almost no pressure.

Huawei claims in this patent that this design does not interfere with the dustproof and waterproof performance of the equipment due to the use of high-quality structures and strong adhesives.

But this design may have a drawback, that is because the side frame is separated from the main chassis, so this will become a fragile point, and make the device easier to break, and it is obviously not worth sacrificing the quality for a narrower frame. Of course, this is only a patent. It is still unknown whether Huawei will convert it into a real product.