Huang Zhang: The hole-cutting screen is never as beautiful as the renderings

- Dec 11, 2018-

Beginning this month, the “Digging Screen” mobile phone will be launched one after another. The boring screen is a new full-screen form that digs holes in the screen for the front camera.


On December 8th, there was a real camera photo of the suspected Samsung Galaxy S10 series, which used a digging screen solution (may be named Infinity-O display).


In this regard, Meizu Technology founder Huang Zhang responded: Now everyone sees the digging hole screen "real machine", but the manufacturers or netizens are scrambling than the beautiful PS retouching map, the real machine will never be like the renderings or everyone imagined it is good.

Huang Zhang explained: In fact, the front camera dig hole plus black edge will be much larger than the size of the icon, it will stand out. And the chin can't be done without any problems. The pictures or photos that look good on the Internet after PS modification have a big gap in actual opportunities.


For the current comprehensive screen form, the more perfect solution in Huang Zhang is that the chin should be made as small as possible while the front frame is symmetrically placed in the front camera. There is no black sea, no ice, no ice.