How to treat the water drop screen / Liu Haiping? Huang Zhang commented

- Aug 21, 2018-

At 0:00 on August 20, Meizu 16 series flagship officially launched, in addition to the high cost performance, the machine also has no bangs design.


For the comprehensive screen mobile phones such as Liu Haiping, Water Drop Screen, and Beauty Pointer on the market, Mei Zhang, the founder of Meizu Technology, expressed his views in the Meizu community: “Liu Hai, water droplets, beauty tips, and lifting are not the future, just compromise and play. It’s just smart. Don’t challenge the sensory limits of Jobs without the wisdom of Jobs, and don’t run counter to easy-to-use engineering.”


At present, the water drop screen (beautiful tip) and Liu Haiping are the transitional solutions for the mobile phone industry to a true and comprehensive screen, which is inevitable.


According to the information disclosed by Huang Zhang before, Meizu mid-range model X8 uses Liu Haiping, and is equipped with Qualcomm mid-end chip Xiaolong 710.


Huang Zhang revealed that the screen size of the Meizu X8 is larger than that of the Xiaomi 8 SE, and the configuration is higher than the latter, but the price is not more than 2,000 yuan, and the price is outstanding.