How to extend the life of the LCD screen

- May 29, 2018-


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When the brightness of the LCD panel decreases to a certain level, less noticeable scanning lines appear because the monitor automatically reduces the frequency of the lamp.

First, the LCD screen resolution settings

Resolution refers to the number of display pixels per unit area. The liquid crystal panels are like small doors that are arranged to allow light to pass through. The pixels that the LCD screen can represent are determined by the number of “small doors” per unit area, which determines the LCD screen. The physical resolution is fixed. For ordinary CRT monitors, different resolutions can be changed by adjusting the deflection voltage of the electron beam. Regardless of LCD liquid crystal display or general CRT display, resolution is the main parameter. The display must be able to support the resolution required by the application software and hardware, but the LCD only supports the so-called true resolution, which can be compared to the highest resolution of a general CRT monitor, and the best image can be displayed only at the true resolution.

Second, the relationship between resolution and life

The default resolution of an ordinary 17-inch LCD is 1280*1024. If it is used for 1024*768, it has no effect on the life span, except for its influence on the definition.

Third, the use of LCD screen notes

1, it is recommended to work in normal temperature / humidity environment, high temperature / high humidity will affect the life of the LCD screen. Intense temperature fluctuations can affect the performance of liquid crystal displays. In particular, low temperatures can affect brightness and response time. It is recommended to work in a stable, clean environment. Dust can cause internal circuit failure.

2. Do not allow liquid to splash inside the monitor. To clean it, turn off the power, spray the cleaner on a soft cloth and gently wipe it.

3, the LCD screen is a glass product, it should avoid collision and vibration when moving. There are multiple layers of film on the surface and it is forbidden to use sharps for characterization. Do not turn off the monitor for a long time and unplug the power plug.

4. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the LCD screen at random, and if it fails, please ask the professional to repair it. Displaying a fixed screen for a long time will cause the brightness to decrease and image retention to increase. Screen saver is recommended.