How to distinguish between LCD LCD screen and LCD backlight

- Apr 02, 2018-

             What is the difference between LCD LCD screen and LCD backlight? How should we distinguish between them? Let's elaborate on it for everyone.

             The LCD screen is not a common LCD backlight, and the LCD screen is also called an electronic screen or a floating word. Display characters, images, animations, videos, and content by the LCD dot matrix and the LCD panel through the highlighting of red, blue, white, and green LCDs. According to different occasions, different supervision, such as general billboards, these flowing calligraphy, by flash animation production needs, save in the memory card display, and then displayed by the technical methods, according to different needs change at any time, parts The various parts are in the modular structure of the display device. The traditional LCD screen is usually composed of a display module, a control system and a power supply system.

             The color and luminous efficiency of the LCD light and all the blues used to produce the material and the associated LCD lamp ball process, but then together with the phosphor, according to the different needs of the user to adjust the different light colors, widely used red, green, blue, Yellow 4. Because the LCD has a low operating voltage, it can actively emit light and has a certain brightness, brightness and voltage regulation, it is shock-resistant, vibration-resistant, and has a long life (100,000 hours). Therefore, in a large-scale display device, there is no other display method and LCD. LCD screen matching.

             Red and green LCD chips or lights are made together as pixels, displaying so-called black and white or monochrome screens and three- or two-color screens, and red, green and blue LCD chips or discharge lamps together as a one-pixel display screen called a three-color screen or Full color screen. If only one color is called monochrome pixel size indoor LCD screen is generally 2-16 mm, often used to make a variety of different colors of LCD die to a package, the size of the outdoor LCD large screen pixels, mainly 6 mm-31.5, each pixel consists of several various monochrome LCDs, which is to say the pixel tube, and the two-color pixel tube is generally composed of two red, green, and green three-color pixel tubes: red, green, and blue.


LCD screen people's life and closer cooperation

          Whether or not to produce a monochrome, two-color or three-color screen with an LCD, the image requires that each LCD luminance constituting the pixel must be able to be adjusted by adjusting the fineness of the adjusted gray scale. The higher the level is, the more grayscale images are displayed and the color is more abundant. The corresponding display control system is also more complicated. Generally 256 grayscale images, the color transition has been very soft, and 16 grayscale color images, the color transition is very obvious. Therefore, the demand for color LCD display is doing 256-4096 gray.

          Through extensive attention and rapid development of the LCD, this is inseparable from its own advantages. The extremely broad development prospects of LCD are moving towards higher brightness, higher weather resistance, higher luminous density, higher uniformity of light emission, reliability, and full color development.