How to design the next generation iPhone: continue to use Liu Haiping?

- Dec 25, 2018-

For Apple, the innovation on the iPhone has always been steadily and steadily. The aggressive plan is definitely not implemented, so Liu Haiping will continue to use it.


According to foreign media reports, Apple's new iPhone released in 2019 may also use the current Liu Haiping design, perhaps you look incredible (Android phone has eliminated this design), but Apple is still insisting.


Rather than insisting, it is better to say that it is helpless, because the current comprehensive screen is still no substantial development, so Apple can only stay in place.


As for the shape of the iPhone in 2020, it is still too early, so all the variables are still big, but Apple is working with Samsung to promote the innovation of the full screen. This is no suspense. After all, on the small and medium size OLED screen, Samsung is still The best choice at the moment.


It is reported that Apple may use a perforated screen on the iPhone, but from the aesthetic point of view, this is not a good choice, because this solution can only be said to be used for transition.