How is Huawei being transferred to the United States?

- May 28, 2019-

According to Reuters, Huawei said on Friday that its two parcels sent from Japan to China via FedEx were not sent to their destinations, but were transferred to the United States. In addition, FedEx also tried to transfer two other packages sent from Vietnam to other Huawei office locations in Asia, one of which has been received and the other is still on the road. Huawei said that the four packages only include documents and "no technology."


FedEx Express (China) Co., Ltd. issued a statement on the official Weibo on the evening of the 23rd, saying that the news about the recent social media platform rumored that FedEx confiscates the customer's shipment and transshipped it to the United States is seriously inconsistent with the facts. FedEx is committed to providing its customers with the high quality transportation services they expect and in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


FedEx said that this is only a very small number of parcel shipment errors, they did not receive (government) instructions. Huawei said it has filed a formal complaint with the China Post Regulatory Authority.


Recently, Ren Zhengfei accepted an interview with Bloomberg. In the interview, the other party asked: Huawei is facing a series of blows from the United States. In this context, some people in China have called for sanctions against Apple as a counter-measure. Is this China's action?


In this regard, Ren Zhengfei said: Absolutely not, this is the first point. Second, if this happens, I will be the first person to oppose. Apple is the world's leading company. Without Apple, there is no mobile Internet. Without Apple, we can show the world to us. There is no real beauty in this world. Apple is me. The teacher, marching ahead, as a student, why should I oppose the teacher? Never.