Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. Social TV will be listed soon.

- Apr 29, 2019-

On April 15th, Hisense held the 2019 Spring New Show in Beijing, and successively launched the U8, the better OLED TV A8, the better OLED TV A8, the U7 and the VIDAA on the main line. Four new products, such as TV, have the highest technology industry and the most complete product industry. Ren Jialun is the new recommendation officer of Hisense TV in the spring, which makes the weak TV market vibrate and opens the extraordinary spring of Chinese TV in 2019.

Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. "Social TV" will be listed soon.

Hisense U8: The world's narrowest TV BM area redefines the full screen

It is understood that Hisense launched the U8 series of super-definition TV new products, for the first time, the TV BM area is the world's narrowest 3.5mm, the screen ratio is as high as 98.74%, so that the effective display area of the TV is greatly expanded, redefining the full screen design standards. There is a circle around the TV screen that cannot display images. This black area is the BM area. The BM area of the ordinary TV is 9mm. The Hisense U8 TV will make the BM area only 1/3 of the ordinary TV. The zero-frame, full-view U8 also won the Guinness Certificate of “The Narrowest TV on the Screen” with an innovative breakthrough in the full-screen technology.

Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. "Social TV" will be listed soon.

High-profile plus push U7: AI map search has not been surpassed

"His new release of U7 will provide young people with a cool design to open a new way of TV, small gathering map, is still the industry's first", Hisense AI engineer Gauss too introduced, Hisense U7 TV new products based on image recognition and big data The small collection map created by technology can achieve 0.1 second image recognition, 13 life scene recognition, 95% mainstream star recognition and 99% product identification through the remote control map search key, which opens a new era of TV image interaction. This is the most advanced TV AI application available.

Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. "Social TV" will be listed soon.

According to reports, Hisense U7 TV is the first frame-by-frame processing level AI audio and video quality tune TV, which can automatically adjust the sound quality of the full-time full scene quality of the environment, film type and picture content. In addition to the most basic voice outbound programs, Hisense U7 also has built-in 84 life scene services, such as querying real-time weather conditions, air quality, etc., as well as children's education, games, shopping and other functions, including Cantonese, Shanghainese and Taiwanese. The six dialects, etc., allow the elderly who do not speak Mandarin to operate freely.

Hisense U7 products have been star products for many years. The U7A series TVs released in 2018 topped the list of Yikang's best-selling charts. In the 14th week of the past 2019, the three size segments of the U7A series occupied the best sellers. Model TOP10, the market continues to be hot.

Hisense A8: Better OLED TV shocked the industry

In this new product show, Hisense officially announced its new OLED TV A8 "debut", 3.7mm ultra-thin body, no border full screen, screen spontaneous sound, the "protagonist face" Hisense A8 debut is amazing The field, "three-year repair" and the killer price as low as 10,999, is even more shocking to the industry.

Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. "Social TV" will be listed soon.

“Brightness decay, screen color cast, image sticking” has always been the three mountains that lie in front of OLED TVs. As a "better OLED", Hisense A8 TV has made three major technological breakthroughs - six-fold residual image protection technology, dark field detail tips and color precision design, recruiting the pain points for OLED TV, making OLED products in detail performance, In terms of clarity and smoothness of moving images, it delivers perfect picture quality and achieves an extraordinary experience of “seeing the beauty without leaving a shadow”.

Restart the VIDAA sub-brand, the young man is one step in place

In the spring new show, Wang Wei, general manager of Hisense Hisense Electric Marketing Co., said that in 2019, Hisense will restart the VIDAA sub-brand program to provide users with better choices along with the Hisense brand. Hisense brand is positioned as the first brand of high-end TV in China, focusing on high-end large-screen products such as laser TV, ULED, OLED, etc., leading the upgrade of large-screen consumption. The VIDAA brand is based on e-commerce, providing young people with trend-setting design and excellent quality. TV, audio and related trend products.

Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. "Social TV" will be listed soon.

According to the survey, the post-90s and post-95s groups, which will become the main force in the consumer market, focus on product design in product purchase, followed by brand effect and product quality. Low-cost and low-quality competition runs counter to the demand of young people. Over the past few years, Internet TV brands that have staged price wars have repeatedly fallen into the slag of low quality and low quality. Hisense believes that young people deserve better products and provide young people with one-step choices instead of cutting into the young market at low prices. Voice remote control, smart home control, mobile screen projection function, one-click map search, these smart keywords for young people are included in the upcoming VIDAA products.

Earlier than Huawei TV, Hisense announced that it will launch a new species "social TV"

In this spring new show, Hisense also revealed that it will launch its first social TV S7, which is equipped with a telescopic camera, the first 6-channel video call, real-time AI voice control and 4K video playback, which can be seen while watching When you talk and play, the specific time to market may be earlier than the rumored Huawei TV products.

Hisense firepower is fully open and pushes 4 new spring products. "Social TV" will be listed soon.

Hisense launched social TV, not only from its world-leading graphics, content and AI technology, but also from its vast Internet user base. At present, Hisense TV has activated more than 42 million users worldwide, with daily active households reaching 14.5 million, content-on-demand more than 128 million person-times, and large-screen games of 1.43 million. Every day, per capita human-computer voice interactive dialogue 25 times, interacting with family smart appliances. Times. On this basis, Hisense will establish a global shared cloud service platform in Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas this year, unify AI and operations, establish global service advantages, and rely on smart home appliances such as smart home appliances, communications, smart homes, etc. The advantages of the chain, from content-centric to user-centric transformation, open the era of social TV.