HannStar will move the automation panel production line back to Taiwan

- Jun 10, 2019-

HannStar Display specializes in the production of thin-film transistor LCD panels. According to Hsuho Wu, vice president of the company's logistics center, it plans to transfer about 20% of its automotive automation panel module production line at its Nanjing plant in China. Taiwan.


Wu said that Hanyu Color's panel module production line is now installed in its factory in Nanjing. The company will relocate more than 100,000 units per month back to Taiwan by the end of 2019 to ease the US-China trade war. Impact on US brand customers.


Wu continued that in 2018, automotive applications accounted for 20% of the revenue of Hanyu Crystal, which is expected to soar to 30% in 2019. The company now offers complete automotive panels ranging from 6.2-9.3 inches and is developing 15.6-inch products.


Wu said that in addition to shipping to China's top five automakers, the company has entered the Japanese automaker's supply chain in the first half of 2019, and may add European auto brands to the second half of 2019 to 2020. Its list of customers.


The company's mobile phone panel revenue ratio in 2018 is slightly over 60%. In 2017, the revenue ratio of mobile phone panels was over 70%. It is expected to drop to 50% in 2019, mainly due to poor sales in the mobile terminal market.


At present, HannStar is adjusting its product structure and strengthening the deployment of wearable devices, industrial control systems and smart home device panels. Wu said that the comprehensive yield of these niche applications is expected to rise from 45-50% in 2018 to 55-60% in 2019.