Guo Mingkai: Production of LCD version of iPhone X is hindered from mass production in September

- Jun 28, 2018-

After an earlier departure from KGI, Apple analyst Guo Mingyi had been quiet for a long time. Recently, Guo Mingwei worked for the domestic Tianfeng International Securities Company and once again revealed more information about the new 2019 iPhone. According to Guo Mingyao's previous exposure, in 2019, Apple will launch three new iPhone models, all equipped with Face ID functions, including a 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone is more widely concerned by the industry.

Guo Mingjun said that this 6.1-inch LCD screen iPhone will greatly promote the use of older iPhone users to upgrade the footsteps, because in terms of configuration, this iPhone is equipped with the same Face ID module on the iPhone X, in most Functionally, it can be up to date. In addition, compared with the flagship OLED screen iPhone, the price of the 600-700 US dollars (about 3958-4618 yuan) is also more competitive for the old users.

However, the bottleneck in the production of this phone is currently a problem. Guo Mingjun said that it may not be possible to enter the real mass production assembly stage until September this year. There are two main reasons for this problem. The yield of touch screen production has been too low. However, this problem is currently being solved; on the other hand, it is the process design bottleneck that integrates the original deep camera into the LCD screen. The difficulty is further increased, but this time Apple has used two suppliers on this LCD screen, namely JDI and LG Display, and the design bottleneck is currently being overcome. I believe it will be resolved soon. What do you think about this "cheap version" of the iPhone?