Front full screen, LG applied for a new patent for the camera under the camera

- Nov 09, 2018-

Although the latest third-quarter earnings report shows that LG's mobile division is still at a loss, LG is not willing to be willing to the current situation. Following the official recognition that it is launching a collapsible phone with its partners, another media has unearthed another R&D action from LG: the camera under the screen.


Foreign media Lets Go Digital found that LG recently applied for a new patent in South Korea, including a full-screen, borderless smartphone. This new design shows a mobile phone with an off-screen camera.


There are two versions of this design, a regular "straight" version, and a version that uses a similar curved screen design, which naturally has a narrower border. Unlike other manufacturers, in the LG design, the position of the camera under the screen is oval, rather than round.


According to previous reports, Samsung is also working on the design of the camera under the screen. Bloomberg previously quoted sources as saying that the Samsung S10 may be equipped with an off-screen camera design.